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Gillespie Goes Deep


Congratulations to outfielder Cole Gillespie on hitting his first Major League home run tonight.

He took a 1-0 fastball on the outside part of the plate and drove it to right field to tie the game 1-1 here at Chase.

Obviously, Gillespie may not be long for the big leagues, because Conor Jackson is progressing well in his injury rehab (2-for-4 last night with a homer, three runs and two RBI), but Gillespie has certainly impressed some people around Phoenix. His ability to back up all three outfield positions and hit for some power (a .607 slugging percentage in 28 big league at bats) will definitely get him some more at bats in the big leagues this year.


Some notes 

— D-backs shortstops (read: Stephen Drew, who has 116 of the 121 PAs) are third in all of Major League Baseball in OPS, trailing only Florida (Hanley Ramirez, who is likely to stay on top) and Toronto.

— The rest of the positions, rank in OPS out of the 30 MLB teams: Catcher – 5th, First Base – 6th, Second Base – 3rd, Third Base – 6th, Left Field – 23rd, Center Field – 8th, Right Field – 25th, Pitcher – 3rd.

— Reflecting on those: Jackson will certainly be welcomed back to play left, where he should he should produce something like his usual .360/.440 line, and I don’t believe anyone is too worried about Justin Upton getting going in right. But talk about players pulling their weight; to have five positions (six if you count pitchers) producing in the top 10 in the league at their position offensively is quite a team contribution.