Blum ecstatic to be back in postseason

Photo by Jordan Megenhardt

By Greg Dillard

There’s nothing quite like postseason baseball.

It’s an epic battle between Major League Baseball’s top eight teams. From the division series to the League Championship Series and into the World Series, there’s no shortage of intensity and can’t-miss moments.

Geoff Blum experienced World Series lore first-hand in 2005 when he played for the Chicago White Sox. They caught fire in October en route to the World Series title.

Six years after his team swept the Astros in the Fall Classic, Blum still recalls the high amount of excitement surrounding the White Sox.

“It was a lot,” Blum said. “We knew we were good. We knew we were hot going into the postseason, and obviously rode that the whole way into the World Series championship.”

Blum played in just 31 games with the White Sox that season after coming over from San Diego in a summer trade. He hit just .200 during that regular season span, but saved his biggest hit for the World Series.

He stepped up to the plate in the top of the 14th inning of Game 3 after Chicago and Houston had battled for over five hours. Blum etched his name in baseball history by crushing a two-out solo home run to give the White Sox the lead.

“I was actually pretty relaxed for some reason,” Blum said. “I know that I was standing on deck. Jermaine Dye led off with a base hit, and Paul Konerko was up next. The way those guys had been swinging the bats, I just assumed they’d be on base and I’d have to have my only World Series at-bat be a bunt. So I was kind of concerned about that, but a double-play ball eliminated that choice.”

Blum’s long ball helped Chicago win the game, 7-5, en route to earning a series sweep of the Astros. Despite the circumstances, Blum was calm and collected in what was perhaps the biggest at-bat of his 12-year career.

“I just wanted to see some pitches, settle down a little bit, and get a little bit of TV time because this might be the only at-bat,” Blum said. “It just turns out that he threw a pitch in my happy spot, and I hammered it.”

As a member of the NLDS-bound D-backs this season, Blum hopes that all he and all of his teammates will take it all in.

“That’s one thing I’d recommend to everybody,” Blum said. “There’s a difference between getting caught up in the moment and actually realizing the moment.  A lot of guys when you get caught up, you let your emotions take over. But I think that it’s okay sometimes to sit back, look at the fans in the stands, and realize the enjoyment of what we’ve actually accomplished over the year.”

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One comment

  1. Scott M Sykes

    Woo Hoo! Let me tell ya it is so GOOD to see you in the post-season again. The last time you guys made it to the W.S. I was on QRF at Ft Huachuca and missed every home game (saw it on TV but it is just not the same sensation!). Looking forward to many days of not being able to talk from yelling and cheering this year!

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