Upton All-Star Campaign Receives Huge Celebrity Boost

Upton Photo by Greg Salvatore, Bieber photo from Twitter.com/justinbieber

By Greg Salvatore

Justin Bieber has the second-most Twitter followers of any person in the world, 9.6 million. That is over a million more than President Obama, almost twice as many as Oprah Winfrey, more than twice as many as Justin Timberlake and more than three times as many as The New York Times.

(In related news, it’s more than 35,000 times as many followers as Insider_Writer, so let’s get to changing that, eh?)

So when it comes to celebrity endorsements, it’s hard for anyone to reach more people than a Justin Bieber tweet. Behold:

We’re rooting for Justin Upton around Chase Field, obviously, since it would be pretty special to see him play in the All-Star Game and potentially the Home Run Derby right here in his home ballpark. So it’s awesome to see a celebrity endorsement for him. Hopefully this moves the needle.

D-blog may not have a Bieber-caliber reach — yet — but here’s the ballot. Vote Upton, vote D-backs and vote often:


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