Live Blog – D-backs at Giants, Scottsdale Stadium


Photography: Jordan Megenhardt


By Greg Salvatore

Twitter: Insider_Writer


It’s a gorgeous day in Scottsdale as the D-backs are set to take on the defending champion San Francisco Giants at Scottsdale Stadium at 1:00 pm today.


I’ll try to bring some live blog details throughout the afternoon, including some quotes from Kirk Gibson’s pre-game press conference. This game is being broadcast on Sports 620 KTAR, so tune in on your radio in your car or office or wherever you may be this afternoon.


Here is today’s lineup:


1. Willie Bloomquist – 2B

2. Melvin Mora – 3B

3. Justin Upton – RF

4. Miguel Montero – C

5. Xavier Nady – LF

6. Brandon Allen – 1B

7. Wily Mo Peña – DH

8. Tony Abreu – SS

9. Cole Gillespie – CF


Starting pitcher – Joe Saunders

Also expected to pitch – Wade Miley, Kam Mickolio and David Hernandez.


I’m actually excited to see all three of those pitchers. Miley has been impressive in bullpen sessions this spring and he was fantastic at Double-A last season, and Hernandez and Mickolio were the right-handed relievers acquired from Baltimore this offseason.


— Pre-game press conference with Kirk Gibson:


On players dealing with nagging injuries:

“(Joe) Paterson, we shut him down for one day, but he threw a bullpen today and knock on wood, everybody is healthy. Chris Owings (oblique injury) took groundballs today. Tomorrow he’ll start throwing a little bit and do some light swinging.


“(Paterson had) a neck kink. Look at the way he throws, he jerks his neck around and it kind of gets sore. He said he’s had that before. Instead of having him try to favor something, we just shut him down and let him get back on track. And now he’s fine.”


On the lineup:
“These guys are going to move all around. I did talk to Don (Baylor) today to see how he felt about some things.”


On Melvin Mora:

Mora can hit anywhere. He can hit first or second, he could hit eighth and he wouldn’t care. We were out for early work out, and we went out and guys were bunting, Zavada and Jaime were loosening up on Field one, and I went out to the batting cage and there’s Mora with (Minor Leaguers Mike) Freeman and (Matt) Davidson, putting balls on the tee for them. That’s just how he is. he’s a true pro, a guy who just likes to play. There is no ego there at all. Mora could hit anywhere.


On using the DH in a National League game:

Just today and Sunday. The pitchers have hit a lot this spring. They’ve done a lot of bunting, a lot of slashing. They’ve hit a lot and for the first time through the games, it’s a time for Joe (Saunders) to focus on pitching. I wanted to get some of the guys hitting, like Wily Mo. We’ll do it against Sunday and that will be it.


Game notes:

— Great first inning for the D-backs, with Willie Bloomquist, Melvin Mora, Justin Upton and Miguel Montero all hitting singles to get up 2-0, and Brandon Allen coming through with a sacrifice fly to right to give them a 3-0 lead.


Joe Saunders followed up with a good, efficient 1-2-3 first inning concluding with a strikeout of Miguel Tejada.


All in all, it’s exactly what you want to see from the D-backs this spring – quality at bats and good, efficient pitching.


— There’s a hit-and-run for the D-backs here in the second inning, with Gillespie running to second and Bloomquist at the plate, and a grounder to third moves Gillespie up. I would imagine we’ll see a good amount of that stuff this spring, it’s exactly the reason they signed high-contact guys like Bloomquist and Mora.


— The updates aren’t as fast and furious as I’d hoped — wireless internet has been a little sketchy at Scottsdale Stadium, I think the fact that there are far more writers than seats has caused some strain on the system.


Wade Miley looked very good in his first inning of relief, with a hitless inning, one walk, one strikeout. He’s back for a second inning now.


Xavier Nady went deep with an opposite field home run. If you’re familiar with the set up of Scottsdale Stadium, the ball went out right about where the outfield berm meets the Giants bullpen in right-center field. Nady is an important guy to watch this spring.


— David Hernandez is in to pitch for the D-backs, with the Giants leading 7-4. He is among the pitchers I’m most interested in seeing this spring. There is a good chance he can be a back-of-the-bullpen guy for the team this year. We now J.J. Putz is settled in as the team’s closer, but the 7 and 8 inning roles are really up for grabs. Hernandez, Gutierrez and Heilman are the guys who have some experience in those roles, and they’re the guys most likely to claim them this year.


Hernandez has good stuff, and his numbers in relief for Baltimore – a 3.16 ERA with a .236 opponents batting average in 37 innings – were pretty good and 15 of his 33 appearances were against the big bats of Boston, New York, Tampa Bay and Toronto.


— It’s all over here, D-backs fall to the Giants 7-6. We’ll be out at Salt River Fields tomorrow for the opening of the new ballpark against the Colorado Rockies in front of a sell-out crowd. Should be exciting!






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    Which hitter are you most looking forward to seeing?

    It seems for the most part we know who is battling for a spot on the roster, but is there a guy under the radar that could sneak in and steal a spot? It seems from the group of guys who have been invited to camp Collin Cowgill would be the only guy who could fit that bill.

  2. the D-backs Insider team


    Cowgill is an interesting guy to watch. He’s one of those ballplayers who does a lot of things well. Because of the depth in the outfield (after Upton and Young, you have Nady, Parra, Allen and Gillespie, all of whom have MLB experience) it’s likely that Cowgill is headed to Reno after the spring. However, he can use this as an opportunity to make a good impression on the coaching staff with his ability and work ethic. That’s what Gillespie did last year, and it helped him reach the big leagues.

    In this lineup, I suppose I’m most looking forward to seeing Brandon Allen and Wily Mo Peña. I’m an Allen believer, and I’d like to see him force his way into big league playing time. It’s been a long time since Peña was a prospect, obviously, but the man can really hit. He had good numbers at Triple-A last year in the Padres’ organization and he’s a good flier to take. He just turned 28 a couple weeks ago, so he’s the same age Nelson Cruz was when he broke out two years ago. David Ortiz was 27 when he broke out in 2003, and Ryan Ludwick was 29 when he broke out in 2008. Some guys just take longer than others, and a guy with power like Peña has is always worth taking a chance on, in my opinion.

    Keep the questions coming, thanks for contributing!

  3. azsports73

    Nady is who I am looking at. He was pretty good a few years ago. It would be nice if he makes a nice comeback.

    Good start by Bloomquist!


  4. the D-backs Insider team

    And a nice opposite field single for Mora. Yes, this lineup is certainly interesting if they get a good year from Xavier Nady. I’ll be interested in his at bats this spring.

  5. azsports73

    Nice Start. It sure would be nice to see some hitting like that all year. I like the moves they made this year. Wish I could be watching this instead of listening but it’s just great to have things started again.

  6. the D-backs Insider team

    Yeah, I’m a little surprised MLB Network isn’t showing the game, with it being the only game going today. If you jinxed Nady, then I’ve got to take responsibility for jinxing Peña. But yes, very nice start, and a good, efficient first inning from Joe Saunders to follow things up.

  7. azsports73

    I hope the weather clears for Sundays game. I’m going to that one. The new stadium and practice fields are first class. Nice touch letting fans walk around the practice fields. I like everything the Dbacks have done so far. Oh oh, looks like they will need to KEEP HITTING, 3-3 now. ha

  8. azsports73

    I hope the weather clears for Sundays game. I’m going to that one. The new stadium and practice fields are first class. Nice touch letting fans walk around the practice fields. I like everything the Dbacks have done so far. Oh oh, looks like they will need to KEEP HITTING, 3-3 now. ha

  9. the D-backs Insider team

    We’re all hoping for that too, azsports73. It would be terrible to see a rainout so early in the Spring with the amount of excitement fans have to see the new park. It looks like the rain is going to stay away tomorrow, but the jury is out for Sunday.

    The fan access of the stadium has been great. I’ve been able to talk to quite a few fans hanging around watching live batting practice, and players have been signing autographs every day. Great stuff, and it’s exactly what Salt River Fields was designed to be.

  10. the D-backs Insider team

    And Nady goes deep with a homer to right-center! First Spring Training home run in Major League Baseball this year.

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